Sunday 27 October 2013

Darcy's Denim

When I saw Darcy's jeans book I was totally blown away.
I just had to create my own jeans book.
This is my version so far:-


  1. Such a beautiful project Hazel! Each page is unique & full of interest. Great share:-)

  2. Hazel this project is really fantastic seeing it all together you get a real sense of it. Love it. And loving the blog xx

  3. oooo looks so much better now I can see larger pics, looked fab on phone but couldnt see details. So happy you are making it, you should be really proud of it.

  4. Tried to leave a comment but not sure it has got through! Beautiful project Hazel love all your pages. Very unique and imagine very tactile too:-)

  5. Hazel that is absolutely stunning. Every 'page' is amazing and such beautiful colours!

    Lesley Xx

  6. This is such fun - and beautifully done... Don't suppose you would consider adding a Followers gadget, would you? I'm not fully signed up to Google+ (and don't particularly wish to, given how hard they're trying to force us all into it), but I'd like to join up!
    Alison x