Tuesday 1 September 2015

Selfie, encouraged by Julie Ann.

I was very brave this weekend and set myself the task of drawing and painting my portrait!
Having been used to using magazine pictures of beautiful models it was a complete contrast.
I started by taking a photo, printing it out in black and white and noting the proportions.
I then set to on my journal, having first gessoed the page.
I used a soft graphite pencil and filled the page.

I must admit that I was pleased with my first attempt and was nervous about painting it in case I lost my work.
Sam Butler suggested that I take a copy of it, which I did.
So, I carried on and painted over my original drawing using only Black and White fresco paints.
Every now and then, I drew over some parts with my Graphite pencil and at the end with my Stabilo pencil.

My son, whose opinion I rate highly, says that the pencil drawing looks more like me. Which is fine....it was a good exercise in learning to handle brushes and paint and I was not looking to create a passport photo.
It is a bit weird painting yourself for the first time.

Here is the photo!

Think that I might have given myself a cosmetic cheek filler.....I wish!
Am entering this into the very inspiring Kim Dellows challenge and wish to dedicate this to the ever encouraging Julie Ann Lee. She leads by her shining example of creativity and generosity of praise.


  1. work of art Hazel!! it's brilliant and does definately look like you xx

  2. Oh Hazel this is great! I cannot imagine ever trying to draw or paint myself ever so well done! And yes I agree Kim's challenge is a really good one X

  3. As you know Hazel, I think this is fabulous and glad you took a copy xx

  4. Well done, I think you've done a fantastic job. I like both, I like the way you have managed to keep so much detail with the painted portrait. I also love the shading and contrast you have achieved.

  5. Oh bravo! Not only for a fantastic self-portrait but for sheer bravery. It really is a great piece - and cheek filler wouldn't be telling the truth - a far more valuable commodity than perfection.

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    Alison xx

  6. Wow! You are good! Wonderful work!

  7. Oh my goodness, that is fantastic! I love your selfie! You have so caught your likeness. Wonderful. Thanks for joining Show Your Face and for the shout out too. Kx

  8. Sorry so late Hazel, this is a fantastic portrait of you. I especially love how you have managed to capture your lively personality in your eyes, which comes from inside, and knowing yourself, in a way which the camera cannot. Well done xxx