Sunday 13 September 2015

Notebook Holder

Yesterday morning, I was sitting having my breakfast reading the latest Art Journalling Magazine from Somerset Studio when I came across the most fabulous Journals created by a group of talented ladies from over the pond!

This is my version of their fabulous creations.
1.I started with a piece of cardboard that had a fold in it and I created more folds and strengthened them with masking tape.

2. Next I gessoed it and added patterns with fresco paints to both sides!

3. I added some magazine cuttings, doodled and stencilled.

4. I sewed a pocket inside to slip in my Moleskine notebook and added a loop for a pen and a pocket for pencil sharpener and rubber.

5. I selected oddments...envelopes, tags, postcards etc and sewed little fabric flaps to them and sewed them to the left hand side where they can be lifted up and written on.

6. I washi taped all the edges; plaited some Sari Silk; made holes and threaded the silks through for a tie.

I now have a folder to take out and about and am thrilled with it!


  1. No wonder you are thrilled that looks fabulous Hazel I love it and I want one lol. Hugs Debs xx

  2. Wow - it really is amazing. Can see how inspired you were, and how could this do anything but lift your spirits every time you pick it up? Wonderful.
    Alison xx

  3. You are a clever little so-and-so! This is gorgeous and so useful into the bargain.

    Lesley Xx

  4. that is so beautiful Hazel!

  5. This is stunning holder, so many idea and great design. I love the bright colours and the lovely handmade ribbon. Yes, I want one too!! lol xx

  6. gorgeous Hazel and perfect to take out and about xx

  7. Love this, it's totally stunning xx