Saturday, 27 October 2018

Portrait inspired by Frida Kahlo

This is a picture that I have had milling over in my mind since I saw an image of Frida that inspired me.

I began on a 20"x16" sheet of paper for acrylics, taped to my drawing board and sketched the figure.
I chose some collage papers by Marlene Meijer-van Niekirk and tore up pieces and added them to the dress and parts of the headdress.

Using PaperArtsy acrylic paints I painted over parts of the dress and added loose brushstrokes to the headdress.
I did some printing over the dress with Black Archival ink to tone it down as it was competing with the headdress. Also, a fair amount of scribbling with a Black Fudeball pen. Like scribbling!
Lots of adjustments took place with the face until I was reasonably happy.
Always room for improvement but I need to remember that it is all a learning process and I am not trying to achieve a photographic representation!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

PA Baked Texture Challenge

Over on the PaperArtsy blog the current challenge is "Baked Textures"
I have thoroughly enjoyed following the designer ideas and have loved them all. 
I have played with Seth Apter's Baked Textures before, but when Alison Bomber used them to press her stamps into, I had to have a play.

I took a standard sized playing card and gessoed away the background and glued some sepia tissue which has letters and numbers on it.
I glued some musical notes across the middle and a Paper Doll and aged them with Tim Holtz Distress Collage Medium in Vintage.
I rubbed an embossing pad along the edges of the card and dipped it into Seth's Patina Oxide and heat embossed. 
Using Alison Bomber's stamp set, EAB03, I stamped into reheated powders with Distress ink Pad Picket fence. 
The sentiment that I chose was "Without music, life would be a mistake."
I finished with a little extra stamping randomly in Black Archival Ink.

So, I am entering this into the PaperArtsy challenge.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Girl with sculpted hair

Having been influenced recently by the very talented artist Emma Petitt, I embarked upon my third portrait using her ideas.

I mostly use reference when I draw a face, unlike Emma and found a girl in a Sunday Supplement.
I began by prepping my background and drawing the girl with Derwent charcoal pencils.

The picture is quite large, 20"x16".
I used PaperArtsy Fresco chalk paints throughout. Also PA Grungepaste .
As you can see, there are some collaged additions too.

The next stage really scared me, as I had never painted dark skin tones before.
It got worse before it got better, and I did wrestle with the paints before I was happy.
I actually used a metallic paint on parts of the skin.....Copper!
I finished off with lots of drippage and some treasure gold on the numbers and around the frame of the picture.
I saw lots of bits that I would have liked to improve, but, I love her now!

Mint, Sage, Claret and Gold.

Over on the PaperArtsy blog right now is the challenge entitled Mint, Sage, Claret and Gold.
I have almost resisted the temptation to sing the well known song about herbs, substituting the words for this title!
I loved Darcy's intro piece with all the colourful stimulation, and have really enjoyed all of the contributions from the PaperArtsy blog team.
I was particularly enchanted by the book cover by Anneke de Clerck. I got out my gelli plates and had a play.
I used the recommended PaperArtsy fresco chalk paints, except that I substituted Gold for White Fire!
I created an A4 master board of background shapes as Anneke showed us, and used Emma Godfrey stamps from EEG14 to add greater depth. I stamped the flowers using some of the paints an also in Black Archival ink.
As we have the first dull day in ages, my colours don't really sing, but, in real life they do.
I love this technique that Anneke used and can see great potential for more master boards, and, am I allowed to use the "C" word........yes? Christmas cards!

Therefore, I am entering my work into the PaperArtsy challenge.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

First Life Drawing in 51 years!

Last night I attended a Life Drawing Class in Chesterfield. I stumbled upon the advert for it by accident on Facebook.
It is something that I last had a go at in 1967, so, maybe it was time to have another go.

The class was run by John King who has a studio in Chesterfield and used to be a lecturer at the local art college.
I liked his relaxed approach and he immediately made me feel welcome.
I had managed to work myself up into a headachey state but felt very positive.
He began by introducing us to some artists work and suggested that, if we wished, we could try to work in their style.

Our first task was using Graphite sticks, to sketch very quickly, four poses on one large page. This was right up my street as I work quickly and I didn't have time to worry about my work. Think that they were 2min sketches.

Then two more quick sketches.

Next, using a small piece of charcoal on its side, 2 more quick pieces.

Then, the lights were turned off and John lit a huge spotlight and asked us to concentrate on just where the light fell onto the model and try not to draw outlines. Really liked this. 2 more quick sketches using White Charcoal.

This one, with the same idea was a 10 minute sketch.

Next, we had a small piece of card to print with and some black ink. These took about 10 minutes.

And finally, using the ink and card we drew the model and then, with the spotlight we added the light.
All interesting stuff. I shall be back for more next month, I loved it!

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Treasure Box

The topic over on the PaperArtsy blog is "Enshrined", and there were some wonderful examples on the introduction by Darcy.
Their design team have come up with some wonderfully inspirational ideas this past 2 weeks as well.

So, I decided to create a box of treasures for my darling Rosebud, our 5 year old granddaughter.

I began by painting the box with fresco paint French Roast. the top was crackled with paste and then painted with assorted fresco blues. The sides I wrote messages and sea songs for Rose and then stamped and painted to create a collage effect.

I painted the letters with fresco blues and rubbed Treasure Gold into them and also around the edges of the box.

Inside, I lined the box with velvet.

The shells have been painted with blue fresco paints , and the patterns highlighted with Treasure Gold.

I added more treasure to the box, seaglass, small shells and some seaweed.
Rose came across it by accident yesterday and was enchanted by the contents and thrilled that the "Treasure" was for her.
The wonderment of young children is something that should be held onto by us all into our older years.
So, here is my entry for the PA challenge, enshrined.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Paper Dolls, Brave Wings.

Having some fun with my second entry into the PaperArtsy blog challenge which is Paper Dolls.
I had this notion that if I could find a nest, then some paper dolls could be at home in there. Maybe influenced by all the bird activity in the garden at the moment.

I used some TH collage paper for my background and rubbed an assortment of neutral coloured paints onto it with my fingers.
I used an assortment of fabulous oldies from PaperArtsy Hot Picks..HP1005, HP1506 and HP1601.
The girls are from TH paper dolls Christmas, which I painted over with clear gesso to enable me to paint over them to brighten them up.
Very Tongue-In-Cheek, this one, but great fun to create.
My second entry into the PA challenge.