Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Teasel Appreciation

As soon as I saw the "A Vintage Journey" challenge I had the idea straight away that I wanted to print with Infusions using my Lin Brown Teasel Stamp. (PaperArtsy ELB22)

I gessoed a couple of pages in my repurposed Girls Annual, and glued down some background papers. I added a little acrylic paint in neutral tones using a credit card to spread, and also some of my glorious Daniel Smith Gold gesso.
A little stamping and writing on my right hand page to create texture, and then, the focal point on the left, with my large Teasel Stamp and words saved from a magazine. 
I first dabbed an embossing pad onto my stamp, then sprinkled Rocky Road Infusions onto the stamp. Sprayed the surface lightly with water and stamped several times onto my background. For added interest I lightly sprayed the teasels and splattered some watered down Rocky Road.
I decided to create a border using Nathalie Kalbach foamy numbers stamp and Versafine Clair Nocturne.

I just love teasels to the point of absolute adoration! They are a wonder of nature and have been used for decades to soften, or tease wool. Attempts were made to create a machine to copy the action of the teasel, but it was found that the natural form performed much better.
Birds also enjoy their seeds.

Here is a close up of some of the teasels that have been printed and sprayed using Infusions. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Beautiful Blooms

Well, spurred on by the fact that I learned how to blog again earlier today, I decided to create a piece that would be suitable to enter the "A Vintage Journey " Blog........Beautiful Blooms.

I began in one of my old repurposed 1950's Girls annual and applied some white gesso over the text with an old credit card. The text is still visible in places.
Next, I opened my latest purchase..Iridescent Gold Acrylic Gesso, by Daniel Smith. A considered purchase but decided to treat myself during Lockdown.
I applied the gold gesso with a small brayer.
Then I randomly selected bits and bobs that were hanging around, printed papers, corrugated card, tissue and arranged them on the page.

For my blooms, I chose Tracy Evans' Daisy Elegance stamp. Brand new stamp and I gave it a layer of embossing fluid and then sprinkled some Infusions over and rubbed them in with my finger.
Next a light spritz of water and stamped on the left hand side and secondary stamping here and there.
With the stamp still loaded I used it to stamp onto some card.
Pleased that I did because the stamping was patchy except for the lower part on Khadi paper which was clear. So I cut out part of the image on card and added it to the top part of the flower.
Coloured in the petals loosely with infusions, added some more script stamping , splatters and the sentiment on Khadi paper backed by lace.

Loved using my new Gold Gesso, it is glorious!
so, here is my long time coming entry into the A Vintage Journey Challenge!

Dreamer of Dreams.

This is my first post on my blog for almost a year, but, having been inspired by Alison Bomber and her Wonderful Women tag, I decided to have a play.
I began with layers of fragile papers, ink splurges and string dipped in acrylic ink.
I also painted a mix of PaperArtsy Fresco paints and generally went with my instincts!
Lots of scribbles with Black Stabilo, watercolour crayons and White Posca pen followed and finally my picture of a beautiful woman and sentiment as my focal point.
Finished off with a few of the lyrics on the left hand side from Bridge Over Troubled Waters.
Happy with my creation and going to attempt to link it to Try It on Tuesday.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Thorny Path

I had a trip to my local garden centre this afternoon and spotted this beautiful tissue paper.
It reminded me to enter the "A Vintage Journey" Challenge, which invites us to use tissue.

I began by gluing rice paper, my newly found tissue and some magazine pics to my pages, and gradually built up a painty background by rubbing and brushing.

Eventually, some of my images disappeared and I added some of my own painted flowers, some alcohol ink flowers and some printing with the edge of a credit card. I also printed some PaperArtsy roses by Tracy Scott.
I must admit that it went through a very grotty stage before it emerged like this.
I added some writing with a white pen  and found some Magazine words.
So, this is my entry for the challenge.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Tag Book For A Friend

I was inspired to make a tag book when I saw something vaguely along these lines by Robin-Marie Smith.
I set to creating painted pages and colourful gelli prints, which I tore up and added to the tags.
Not too much thought into their design, just gut feelings and lots of fun.
Next, I added some machine stitching and touches of black lace.
Finally I selected some life-affirming quotes to each tag. These are from the wonderful PaperArtsy range by Alison Bomber.
I chose the quotes for a friend who is going through a tough time and I hope that she will draw comfort from my little tag book.

Over on A Vintage Journey blog, the challenge this month is all about Books, so, I will post my tag book on there.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

The Secret Garden

My journal page , inspired by the work of Laly Mille, captures for me, one of my favourite books. "The Secret Garden", by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
I have always been entranced by walled gardens and wonder about the hidden stories that gardens could tell from years gone by.
This piece is a fusion of magazine cuttings and my own painting. total fantasy as you can see and topped off with the little robin that guided the girl in the story to find the key to the secret garden.
The paint is all PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk.
So, this is my monthly entry to A Vintage Journey Blog Challenge which is all about Books.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Discovering Toni Burt!

This week, I have been studying the work of Toni Burt. Bit late to the party as usual, but her work both speaks to me and inspires me.
Here is a piece that combines the simple drawing of a face, some collage papers, stamping,watercolours and text.
After I created her face I started to weave a story for her. She has a very wistful look upon her face and it made me wonder what lost opportunities she is pondering!
I often veer toward a neutral palette, and felt that I could share this in "A Vintage Journey" challenge, which, this month is concentrating on a neutral palette.