Monday, 16 June 2014

Wall Hanging

When I saw Penny Nuttall's fabric hanging, something in my brain went "ping", would like to have a go at that. Then I began to trash my house looking for materials , iron out (rare), sewing machine out. Spare bedroom ,craft room, utility, kitchen all blitzed in my excitement to play!

I found a piece of Calico, don't have any linen…on the list, luckily found a piece of hessian that would fit on the back. Driftwood from the garage that came from a beach in Spain and my trusty PA stencils and Fresco paints.
I started by stencilling flowers, leaves and Bloom and Grow in Chalk fresco, then stencilled over in colour. Dusty Teal, Lake Wanaka and Lilac for the flowers; Chartreuse, Hey Pesto and Toad Hall for the leaves and words. I then hand painted some extra detail onto them and wrote on the words with black pen to create shadow.
Sewing next and always have to get my instruction book out to check! Zigzagged the calico onto the hessian.
Changed the foot and did a little bit of free machine embroidery around some of the flowers.
I placed some bought flowers around the piece but decided that after the trouble that I had gone to it seemed like cheating so die cut someTim Holtz flower petals from assorted fabrics.
Next I assembled them and sewed them together. I also found some fabric beads which I had received in a Leandra monster box last year….lucky!
I did cheat with 2 shop bought butterflies to finish off.
Lastly I sewed 2 straps to the top and threaded my driftwood.
Contented and a bit taken aback by what I have created! Came together really well.I didn't do it in lots of pieces like Penny because I knew that I would get frustrated lining all the pieces up straight!
So thank you Penny for making my house look like a bomb site. I have really enjoyed creating my wall hanging!


  1. Wow fabulous, you did a great job there Hazel, the calico looks great with the hessian backing. Love the colours you've used for the stencilling, very bright and airy xxx

  2. Fabulous piece hazel, love the material flowers. You are so quick, want to have ago. I ave material, stencils etc o hessian o will ave to fine an alternative !!!

  3. Wow! Can't believe you finished this so quickly, looks great, your stencil shading is wonderful.

  4. Love all the white space... Your projects are ALWAYS worth waiting for Hazel, amazing piece which looks fantastic on your wall:-) xxx

  5. Hazel,
    Your project is spectacular, great color love the stitching.

  6. So amazing, hazel! I am in awe of you! Such a difficult project to pull off!

    Lucy x

  7. This is gorgeous Hazel! Wish I had a bit of lovely driftwood in my garage! The stencilling & flowers look fab!
    Alison xxx

  8. oh my!! Hazel, this is stunning, love the colours and your stencilling is just wonderful. Superb project.

  9. Absolutely fabulous Hazel, love this, the stencilling and the flowers are gorgeous, wowser! Ruth x

  10. Oh you are clever Hazel. Once again you have created a lovely, lovely piece. Love the colours, well everything really!

    Lesley Xx

  11. wow Hazel that bit of drift wood was just waiting for this fantastic piece of art - xx

  12. Fabulous! Great the stenciling and the stitching, colours are beautiful. xx

  13. That's a really lovely piece of home decor artwork, Hazel... well worth the bombsite created in gathering all the ingredients! Beautiful stencilling - the colours are gorgeous!
    Alison x

  14. Hazel this is great! It really looks at home displayed with your hats and ornaments.
    Don't worry about the untidy house......creativity and tidiness don't go together.
    Thanks for joining in this week, Penny.

  15. This is great Hazel. It looks just right with your hats and ornaments, and the free maching is real skill!
    Thanks for joining in, Penny.

  16. Wow! Hazel, this is stunning! I so love your enthusiasm. How do you create such gorgeous work so quickly: you are a whirlwind of creativity!? Your house doesn't look like a bombsite in these piccies either: it appears a haven of calm and creativity! Have a lovely week, Julie Ann xxx

  17. Oh wow. Hazel sorry so late to this but what fabulous hanging well done you stunning! Xxxx