Thursday 26 June 2014

Beryl Taylor influence

I have been a huge admirer of the amazing work of Beryl Taylor for years and her book is one of my bedtime reads. I aspire to do something like her so much that it makes my heart ache. (Sounds daft but I know what I mean.)
Then Lin Brown blogged her fabulous book that she created after being lucky enough to go on a Beryl course. My desire to create something was reignited and I quizzed Lin about her work.

I could never in my wildest dreams be a Beryl because, by nature, I am impulsive and a bit slapdash. Beryls work is carefully thought out and beautifully neat and detailed.
But, I can do a me influenced by Beryl and here it is.
First I did a pastel gelli plate pattern and transferred it to some cotton fabric.
Next I embossed a pattern onto watercolour paper and die cut a heart.
I painted the heart with PA fresco and Treasure gilded it.
I mounted the heart onto shiny fabric and sewed it to the cotton background. I free embroidered some of the flowers (badly) and attached some sari silk strips.

Next I hand sewed beads onto the heart and onto the sari silk and attached a metal heart charm.
I mounted the whole thing onto more silky fabric and then onto brown hessian. I stamped Art comes from the heart onto paper, distressed it a bit and mounted this also onto hessian and silk.

With a PA 10 x10 canvas I painted around the edges with frescoes and glued a Chatsworth paper on the front for my background. Then Treasure Gilded the edges and mounted everything, adding a bit of manuscript paper and extra sari silk.

Here it is getting to know the wall hanging and the ducks.
Pleased with my efforts but not a Beryl yet!


  1. I loved Lin's book, but I don't know the work of Beryl (to my shame). I really must Google that book and take a peek at her work. I love this project. It's full of all sorts of really interesting ideas and techniques. I love the sari silk. I've seen it mentioned by other crafters; where do you get it from? The ducks seem to be enjoying having this new addition to the wall and I can see why. I love it, Hazel. Julie Ann xxx

  2. Hazel, it is beautiful & the canvas is a perfect background. You should be very proud of your fabric artwork. I don't know Beryl's work either, but now that you've reminded me, I must check her out.

  3. I only know her through Lin's book. but your project is fabulous and it looks great with your ducks!

  4. It looks fabulous Hazel! Really stunning colours and wonderful changes of texture. I bought a big bundle of sari silk that I'm gradually eating away at. It's lovely stuff for crafting isn't it. Love the gelli design onto fabric!

    Lesley Xx

  5. Hazel this is stunning. I love all the colours, the beadwork and embroidery as well as all the lovely layers and texture. It all comes together to make a truly fabulous piece of art that can be a wonderful keepsake. Xxxx

  6. Oh my word Hazel, this is gorgeous, looks like you could have been on Beryl's class after all. You are better at using Beryl's colour palette than I am and what a great idea to make a wall hanging instead of a book.....beautiful.

    Lin x

  7. This is exquisite Hazel, such a wonderful piece of art!
    Alison xxx

  8. STUNNING wall hanging, beautiful and exquisite embroidery, love the addition of beads and FME. Love what you have created, a wonderful keepsake. Fantastic pair of dcuk's, they look extremely tactile :-) xxx

  9. One of my fave books too! Was also green eyed about Lin doing a BT course. Gorgeous piece you made mrs!

  10. I think it's really beautiful, Hazel. The sari strips make a wonderful frame for your gorgeous textured heart, and all the layers are beautiful. I didn't know about Beryl Taylor until I saw Lin's post - but you can be sure I'm doing some investigating now!
    Alison xx

  11. Ooooh this looks gorgeous adhered to that lovely canvas background Hazel, lovely to see it on display too xxx