Sunday 17 March 2019

Vintage Heart

Sometime last autumn I enrolled upon a course that looked just right for me. It's on the Kara Bullock Art site and is called Vintage Heart.
It is all about recreating your old family photos in various media.
So, its taken me a while to watch any of it but I started this week.
WOW! Am I enjoying it!
The first, warm up class guided me through drawing ATC sized pics using pencil!
Here are my efforts. I so enjoyed doing these and became quite addicted.

Next, Ce Duff, the artist, guided me through a mixed media piece and I chose my beloved Auntie Joan as my subject!
I am really pleased with my efforts, it was a lot of work for someone like me that likes to be finished in a whisper!
Here she is.

And this is my photo.

So, onto the next project which I think involves figures and scenes.....squeal of excitement and nervous anticipation!


  1. These are absolutely brilliant, Hazel, you are so talented!

    Lucy x

  2. Hazel you are making such good use of this course and the work you are producing is stunning. Those little ATC drawings are beautifully drawn and the mixed media painting of your auntie leaves me in awe of your ability to brilliantly capture in paper/canvas such a beautiful lady, she is exquisite. Loving all you are making xxx

  3. Such fantastic family portraits, Hazel. The ATC drawings have such character and detail, but it's the mixed media painting of Auntie Joan which steals the show. You've really captured her beautifully (assuming the photo is true to life) - with the determined mouth and little gleam of mischief in the eyes. The shading for dimension, the colours, the layers in the background, her personality - it all makes for a compelling portrait.
    Alison x

  4. Color me hugely impressed! I really love the sketched ATC's; so much detail and the eyes really speak to you. Auntie Joan's portrait looks beautiful; a true likeness of her lovely photo. Your shading is spot on and you are VERY TALENTED to transfer this from a black and white photo to a colored portrait. Wow! You've blown me away with your talent!