Wednesday 10 January 2018

Woman Knitting

A few days ago, I embarked a new online course by Jeanne Oliver entitled, Studying The Masters.
First to meet is Van Gogh.
I learned something about the man, his influences etc and then Jeanne sketched and painted her version of the woman knitting. Here is my version. Happy with it.


  1. What a strong study Hazel, love the wash upon the background. I never really appreciated the Masters when I was at college studying Art so chose Design to work along side it, how I wish I had chosen History. What a marvellous online course this sounds like..
    Creative wishes Tracey xx

  2. Utterly lovely - the light and shade, the sense of solitude, and how engrossed she is in her task... all beautifully captured. Brilliant work.
    Alison x