Tuesday 3 March 2015

Playing card book

Really enjoying the inspiration from the PA blog and guest designers. Was looking at the domino ideas and decided to use a mini pack of playing cards to create a book.
I got the cards a couple of years ago in a Christmas cracker, so you can imagine how small they are!
First, I gave the cards a couple of coats of fresco Snowflake. Next I chose some fresco colours inspired by a beautiful photo that I saw in The Times Supplement this weekend of a landscape in Ethiopia. I used French Roast, Bougainvillea, Autumn Fire, London Bus and Lavender.
I brayered the colours onto the cards and then stamped using 3 PA mini stamps .

Next I used LP Asian inspired stamps in Black Archival.

I edged the cards with Frantage Gold embossing powder and this is where I got lost!
I had no idea how to create a book. I thought that I could attach ribbon to the backs and somehow make a book. I wanted to show the playing card backs but it was all too flimsy!
So, plan B....I made a black card concertina to stick down the cards, thereby losing the backs.
So, I frantaged more playing cards to make the front and back covers.
I used Sari silk for my ties and wound copper wire around the ends and attached copper fastening and beads.
The inside, back cover is also a playing card and I am sending this as an 18th birthday card to a friends daughter, so I will write on there.
This was another learning experience for me and although I have created 5 mini pieces, I don't find this topic easy as I am a bit messy and not precise like a lot of the exquisite entries. still having fun though!

Need some tips on photography too!   Thanks for looking!


  1. What's wrong with your photography??? A cardboard box made into a lightbox might help with your craft projects. There are lots of easy to follow instructions on how to make one online and in Pinterest.

    I had got my mini playing cards out too but won't use now as you have done such an exquisite job.

    You have created some amazing projects so far Hazel and it is all about taking part and learning not about judging yourself against others (should listen to myself sometimes lol).

    Always enjoy your projects and posts, a visit here makes my day:-) xxx

  2. Don't know what you're worried about Hazel! This is wonderful! Love the colours and those Asian themed stamps. I have a set of those tiny cards and you've shown me a lovely way to use them.

    Lesley Xx

  3. I love this project! How brilliantly you stamped the images onto those dark, rich backgrounds:fantastic stamping! I am so impressed with your problem solving too. That was a great way to create a book. Once again, Lesley, you've taken a theme and made it your own. Even though you suggest 'miniature' is not a piece of cake for you, you have made it look easy and wonderful! Thank You for being so open about your process and the challenge that you met so beautifully. xxx

  4. I love your mini book, it's gorgeous.

  5. I love this book Hazel, and I think the problem solving of putting the cards onto the black actually throws the gorgeous colours out more, brilliant x

  6. You're definitely on a roll Hazel - this is soooo pretty. The black on the bright colours is fab. No one would guess you find this topic a challenge xx

  7. Hazel,
    Once again your project amazes me. I have some of those mini cards too, I plan on using mine on ATC's with masculine touches.

  8. This is completely amazing and I love everything about it - I love the colours and stamps on the playing cards, and they look stunning against the black. Is gold Frantage powder much different to ordinary gold embossing powder - I keep hearing about it but don't know whether to try it or not! And I hope you don't mind me asking but how did you get the splodgy edges? Was it from a clear ink pad? Your work is just beautiful and you certainly don't need to worry about your photography - I think your photos are great!

    1. Hi Diana. Frantage embossing powders are chunky and have a black mix in with them to give an aged effect! I pressed the edges of the cards into a clear embossing pad and then dipped them into the embossing powder. Thanks for kind comments! Xx

    2. Thanks for that Hazel - I might treat myself to some - you can never have too much new stash!

  9. Hazel, gorgeous, love the jewel colours and I love looking in magazines for colour inspiration. Self doubt is a killer, don't let it win. Your work is so inspiring. Jo

  10. Brilliant card book, background red colours so beautiful and fabulous design. You are very talented and great ideas fountain. xxx

  11. Laying the card onto the black concertina was a stroke of genius! I think the black really makes the rich BG's pop. When you stamp images in black onto a bright BG, somehow it always seems to be finished perfectly when you sit the whole thing on black, so my 2 cents worth says the girl done good! Very good! Following your instincts as usual pays of Hazel! ...BTW we all enjoy Immensely what you create in exactly the same way you dribble over other people's creativity. It's A collective appreciation that we all have different brains, we each use them differently, and yet as master-splodgers-extraordinaire.....we all totally adore watching and understanding the process, colours and ideas we all individually explore. ....too deep???? LOL

  12. Your mini oriental book is stunning Hazel...love this idea! xxx

  13. Congratulations on your win!! I missed this original post, but so glad I saw it.....love these stamps, and your color and edging are fantastic!! And your beads with the Sari silk tie provide the perfect finish! xx Lynn