Tuesday 10 March 2015

Deconstruction Necklaces.

Very excited yet again at the new PA topic! lots of stimulation from Leandra again and have been trawling Pinterest!
First of all, I wanted to use the wonderful shells that I collected while fidgeting about on a beach in Northern Spain.
I started with one as an experiment, so not my fave one. I drilled a hole into it and stamped and copper embossed a PA mini stamp of skeleton fish onto tissue paper.
Next, I enhanced the shell with White Fire Treasure Gold, and finished it off with Sari silk and a couple of copper jewellery beads. Will wear it in the summer!

Next, I chose a beautiful shell that already had a hole in it! I stamped the other skeleton fish onto tissue and glued it to the back of the shell as the front was far too bumpy!
I rubbed TG in White Fire and a little Aquamarine to enhance the patterns of the shell and fastened a smaller shell higher up the Sari silk!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I think your shell is gorgeous! glad the link got sorted.

  2. Amazing! I can not believe you changed to such a wonderful treasure. xxx

  3. Treasure is just the word for these, Hazel! Etsuko is so right! I imagine Miranda finding them on the magical island where she and Prospero are washed up in Shakespeare's Tempest.They work so well, I would buy them in a shop if I saw them on sale. xx

  4. HI Hazel, I'm struggling with the tablet tonight as the laptop is proper poorly .... it's away at the hospital having some new innards....... Anyway not all the photos are loading on here for some reason but there are enough for me to know that I love this gorgeous shell. I would definitely buy something like that. You are a clever girl you know!

    BTW congrats on your PA challenge win at the weekend.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Two very kewl and funky necklaces Hazel, making your own jewellery is so rewarding as you have something unique and pretty:-) xxx

  6. Hazel,
    These are beautiful, congrats on your winnings.

  7. Beautiful shell jewellry Hazel and I love the sari silk x

  8. What a spectacular idea and absolutely beautiful in execution. They are both exquisite, Hazel. Big bravo from me!
    Alison xx

  9. How simple, yet looks so perfect! Love the TG accents add a little bling to the shell but not too much!!

  10. These are so brilliant hazel and so original! You should open a shop,

    Lucy x