Friday, 24 January 2014

The Lurve Pig

Hot of the press is my Lurve Pig and as usual I am shaking!!!
Can't explain why I get so excited but heart is going like the clappers without aerobics.
I galloped off to my stash of boxes etc after I had seen Jo's fabulous birdhouse creation and there was this papiermache pig that had been waiting for attention for a couple of years.
I set to with watered down fresco paint after applying gesso and rubbed with baby wipes and applied more paint until I was happy with the base. I used Chocolate Pudding, Mocha Mousse, Very Berry and Blood Orange. Forgot to mention that between layers I drew hearts with my grandsons wax crayons.
I stamped some lips on tissue, coloured with blood orange, applied to pig and glazed them. I stamped some of Darcy's hearts and cut out assorted tissue hearts. Also as I was getting brave after wine I started to doodle with my new felt tips. Then the trusty Treasure Gold was dry brushed on. Spanish Topaz and Ruby.
I was really pleased with the effect that the Treasure Gold added.
I didn't want to spoil my pig by giving it a face. Sometimes it imposes a character that you don't want, so I found a pair of Wendy Vecchi lips, Blood Oranged them, added TG and made a pair of eyelashes from Crunchy Wax Kraft Paper.
Next I cut out hearts from Grunge Paper, painted with Blood Orange, stamped with Darcy's stamps and fried in the UTEE. I attached a bit of broken necklace so that they will dangle.
Finally, I cut some hessian, printed with Darcy's hearts on Crunchy Wax Paper and assembled my shining pig. Deliriously happy. Might not be the tastiest pig in the world or the most tasteful pig in the world but its MY lurve pig and I love her!!
Just goes to show that not all the loonies are locked up yet.
Finally, big thanks to Jo for her talent and inspiration. xx


  1. How you got from a house to a pig is way beyond me and I'm not even going to try, but hey what can I say, marvellous job, made me smile and great take on the theme as I can recognise lots of Jo's techniques - lol

    Sam xxx

  2. Your Lurve Pig is awesome Hazel, with those luscious lips & what looks like a saddle she is ready to be ridden to heart heaven!

    Fabulous,Fun & very Flirty project. Can see why you got so excited:-) xxx

  3. Wow Hazel, you have a great talent for making things 'yours' this is fantastic

  4. Fantastic!!! Love those hearts & lips Hazel!
    On the wine now myself ;o)
    Alison xxx

  5. Oh wow, I have a massive grin on my seeing your lurve pig, she is one delicious porker! Love her eyelashes and Botox lips, you had a fab time creating her didn't you! Jo xx

  6. LOVE IT!!! This made me grin, I have a special place in my heart for pigs.

  7. Wow Hazel I'm in love with a pig. She is gorgeous. what a fantastic take on Jo's project. You have interpreted her style and made it your own. Very well done love it ALOT XX

  8. I think I've missed something!! This is too cute. Love those lips. Fantastic Hazel. You rock

  9. Oh This is fab and pretty big. The heart with UTEE has great effected. I love her eyelashes and cute lips too. xx

  10. The lurve pig. Those lips are perfect. What do you drink while crafting??

  11. Those lips are hilarious!! Your UTEE hearts are brilliant x

  12. no one could help smiling after seeing your pig - she's fab ! you must have had great fun making her. Love the lips and eye lashes xx

  13. Hazel, this is amazing! I love the way you didn't give Piggy a face! Those lips are just inspired. You must love Piggy to bits! I thought I was the only one who got 'high' on craft! I am also always really, really nervous when I blog anything so you're right we loonies are not all locked up by any means! Anyway, you're not a loony, you're creative! Your UTEE hearts totally inspired this other loony! Julie Ann xxx

  14. Those lips are beyond cute. That's Some Pig! (Charlotte's Web reference)

    Love it. So creative.