Wednesday 5 October 2016

All things Spooky 2

Helo, and welcome to my second post for CVC on the topic of All Things Spooky.

I mentioned in my last post that I am not really a fan of the Halloween malarkey. Nothing against it other than it does not float my boat.
So, thinking of ways to create the feel without the relevant images.

First, in my trusty Girls journal from the 1940's, I gessoed the page and then painted a layer of PA fresco grey paint over it. Think that I used Elephant, which is now probably replaced by another similar grey. I wanted to create an air of drama, so, I sprayed some Hickory Smoke and Pumice Stone onto my craft mat and watered them a little and dropped my page onto it to create the Wrinkle Free Distress effect.
I cut out a white circle for the moon and added a little Hickory Smoke ink to create some shadows.
Next, using Watering Can Archival and Black Archival Inks, I stamped some Fir trees in the distance.

I hand drew a tree and painted it and the birds with Paperartsy fresco Little Black Dress and highlighted the trunk with my white Uni Ball pen.

To finish, I drew a pumpkin onto orange card and added features and the very last thing was to draw pairs of eyes in the woods......OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....Spooky!

Thankyou for visiting my blog and I hope that you will visit the Country View Crafts blog  too, for even spookier works of art.


  1. I'm the same I didn't grow up with Halloween so I it doesn't do anything for me, and funnily enough I have just completed a Halloween scene along the same line as yours... The monochrome look, bar the pumpkin, gives the right spooky tone and your hand painted tree looks suitably menacing.

  2. You certainly created a brilliantly atmospheric card here Hazel. Love your tree and the way the moon and the pumpkin draw the eyes straight into the shadowy scene and then those eyes peeking out, oh boy they really finish the eerie look. Great job and such clever ideas xxx

  3. This is just delightful Hazel...a real work of art. I love it xx

  4. Wow Hazel! First of all, I love it!!! Your page is awesome! The scene you created is really spooky! Your drawn tree and pumpkin are better than the stamps! And the eyes in the distance through the trees - terrific! Very inspiring! xx

  5. I think your page is fabulous, Hazel! To be honest I am not keen on Halloween. It is simply not celebrated in Holland. But I like to push myself a little and there are lots of people who love the spooky stuff, so that's why I chose it !
    Corrie x

  6. Wow, no one would realise that Halloween is not your 'thing' Hazel. This is amazing! What a fabulous tree and pumpkin and the eyes in the trees definitely give the whole thing spooky vibes. I love it!

    Lesley Xx

  7. Here in Germany Halloween becomes more and more common, but as you I didn´t grow up with it and it is not my favourite too.
    Your scene is wonderful, your drawn tree and pumpkin are beautiful! But the best are the eyes looking out the wood, gorgeous!
    xxx Evelyn

  8. Love this Hazel, these eyes are fabulous! xx

  9. Ooh, splendidly atmospheric! The background is stunning in those smoky greys, and I love your tree and pumpkin - a vivid presence in the subtle scenery. Just love this!
    Alison x