Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Circles without lines

I have called this circles without lines because I have created circles without drawing the outlines. It is another trick of the eye where we figure out that these shapes are circles.

I started by cutting out various sized circles into a couple of pieces of A4 card.

I used these circles to dab paint through, stamp through and stencil through.
I chose a selection of PA fresco paints and archival inks.
By dabbing the paint and ink through making it stronger at one side, it gave the illusion of 3D.
I have used PA stamps also for a little text interest.
The hardest thing was balancing the composition and keeping the white background clean.
Pleased with the finished result....has endless possibilities!

I am entering this into the PA challenge.


  1. Oooh fabulous, love the white xx

  2. I really admire the way you kept the white clean!!! I am the world's worst for messing up everything by getting paint where it shouldn't be! All in all this looks really fabulous! I adore illusions like this of 3D. Great work, Hazel. You never fail to inspire! xxx

  3. This just turned out brilliantly


  4. Yes, yes, yes - love it!!
    Alison xx

  5. That is just so cool! Love it! (I understand this one :) )

  6. A beautiful result.. Also a very interesting technique and way of building easily a great card!!! Very clever work as previous dear Hazel. Hugs, Coco xxx

  7. Really like this, it looks simple but it's a clever idea and it looks beautiful!