Tuesday 3 February 2015

Shiny Stuff Winter Garden.

Another project with shiny stuff and this one is entirely inspired by the amazing work of artist Diane Taylor...velvetmothstudio. She also entered the PA challenge with her Winter Garden! I am totally blown away by her work and decided to try my version.
First I took photos outside with vegetation peeping through the snow.
Next, I played with Tyvek, as explained by Diane, where you iron it over a stamp, covered by parchment paper and get lacy results.
This is a bad photo as they are white and silver.

Next, I played with Angelina fibres and Fusible film over some of Lin Browns stamps. Here are 2 of the flowers.

I played for a while with fibres and film adding mica flakes between layers.

Then, in my journal, I grungepasted through a stencil and added white mica powder before it was dry, and glued some random mop up paper in strips! No idea where this was going!

I love the irridescence of the mica powder on the shapes.
Next, I tore up the lacy tyvek, cut up "grassy strips" using parchment paper and Waxy Kraft; added music strips; glued mica flakes; cut some strips from fusible film experiments for leaves and cut up Lin's flowers to make snowdrops! 
After a while I realised that I had overdone it but hey ho! I had a blast!
Finally, I wrote my words onto Chatsworth paper, aged them a bit and added them to the FULL page.
I am going to have another go and this time pare it down a lot! 
I am pleased with my experiments more than the finished result, but that to me is fine.
So many thanks to Diane Taylor, who, to me is a genius!


  1. Fab stuff Hazel and love your 'experiments'! I discovered Diane Taylor from her PA entries too. She is one mega talented lady!

    Lesley Xx

  2. While i was sorting through my stash to pare it down i came across a lot of tyvek, angelina fibres and fusible film which i am going to use sometime soon they have been there too long and shiny is back as a trend (so i have read) so time to get using it again lol.

    LOVING you page Hazel, part of the fun of visiting your blog is the experiments you try and the enthusiasm you share when something works out for you. Your page is awesome and so full of shiny it is a treat for the soul :-) xxx

  3. Wow love this it's stunning. Not seen this ladies art will have a look later. Thanks for sharing. Your experiments are inspirational xx

  4. Wow! I love the effect on this! It's magical, Hazel. I was given some Tyvek years ago by my cousin and told to 'play', but I never had any success with it. Then a lovely Canadian lady sent me some in a pack of goodies and I've always meant to give it another go. You have inspired me, Hazel. I reckon this would go so well with Lynne Perrella stamps and Lin's work combined on all kinds of projects. I love the silvery, laciness of what you have created and I don't think you've gone over the top. I must look up Diane's work. Life has been a bit hectic! xxx

  5. So inspiring! I love this Hazel! xxx

  6. Oh Hazel, this is wonderful. I love the different effects you've achieved and I don't think you've overdone it at all - it's beautiful - a real feeling of heavy frost on the winter garden foliage. Thank you so much for your kind words about my work, I really appreciate them. I'm looking forward to seeing your winter garden mark 2!!

  7. Hi Hazel! I love the experiments you did with all these foreign (to me) materials! I must get out from under my rock! I think your journal page is beautiful and you have truly achieved the look of grasses poking out from snow! All that sparkle and shine is just so yummy! Thank you for all your sweet comments and support on my blog! Hugs!

  8. Lots of great technique experiments here, and for me that makes it a really exciting page. I love the silvery shimmer - icily fabulous... I love the whole page.
    Alison xx

  9. This is magical world and fantastic winter garden Hazel! It's a amazing binding of your image and materials. I love this page. xx

  10. I love all te layers, it gives it so much depth, don't think it's overdone at all, my garden at the mo looks the tangles mess you've created . Put all your gardens together as a series they will look great, those variations on a theme. Great inspiration. Jo